Vehicle Technical Data:  Sd.Kfz. 222, 223, 260 & 261 (Ausf A to Ausf B)

Engine Type: Horch V8 3.5 Litre [Model Ausf B 3.8 Litre] @ 66 Degrees

Performance: 55 BHP & 75BHP

Carburetor: Solex 32 JPF

Firing Order: 1-8-3-6-4-5-2-7

Starter Motor: Bosch BJH 1.4/12 RS 6-46

Generator: Bosch RKC 130/12-825

Batteries: 2x 12volts Ah

Fuel Pump: Solex

Cooling: Water Radiator

Gearbox: Horch 5 Speed forward, 1 reverse

Axle Ratio: 1:6.375

Speed: 80-90 kph

Range 350 km

Suspension: Coil sprung Independent all round

Steering: ZF Ross worm-gear

Brake System: AU/Horch

Brake Type: Hydraulic Drum

Wheel Size: 210 x 18 All terrain

Wheelbase: 2800mm

Ground Clearance 260mm

Overall Length: 4800mm

Overall Height: 2000mm

Overall Width: 1950mm

Max Gross Weight: 4800kg

Seats: 2/3

Fuel Consumption: 28.8L per 100km

Fuel Capacity: 100 Litres

Radio Equipment: Funksprechgerat 'a,b-f' (fusprech)

SdKfz.223 carried an additional Fu 10 Set (Torn.E.b & 30 W.S.a)

Armaments: 1x 7.92mm MG34 all models, 1x KwK30/38 20mm

Rheinmetall Flak Cannon on the 222.

Armour Hull Front: 14.5mm upgraded to 30mm

Armour Sides & Rear: 8mm

Armour Turret: 14mm

Wading Ability: 60cm Deep

Climbing Ability: 20 Degrees